First October Kiln Firing

It was a bright sunny morning, perfect for the first kiln firing of the season!




We still haven’t quite unpacked from Burning man…



Before firing I had to do a bit of maintenance to the kiln, as well as some spot touchups on the kiln shelves.


I did two firings, both to a soft tack.


Both firings came out beautifully. A couple of pieces needed more firing but all in all I’m please with the result. Here’s the finished product that’s come out of this firing so far…

I’m in the process of putting them up in the Etsy shop as we speak. I’ll post a new pendant each day. 🙂 Two of them are already up.

Until next time! :3

Okay, this time we’re really back. xD

It took a few months to get back on my feet. In that time I’ve been reshooting literally everything in the Etsy store. It was a bit of a hot mess. xD Also some new inventory up. 

I want to do another kiln firing soon, it’s been awhile. 

Phoenix Public Market is on hold for now. I’ve been going every weekend to get my groceries for the week(can I digress for a minute and say that locally grown produce is not only lighter on the wallet but some of the BEST FOOD I have ever eaten? 😀 ), and I notice that people just go for the food, which is understandable. 🙂 So back to the drawing board I go. 

Shows/festivals I’m looking into: 

Phoenix Pagan Pride

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show(if I can get monies and good materials for it. That may wait another year). 

Gilbert Art Walk

Also…I’ve started making bridesmaid jewelry! I got a huge order for some, based on one of the pairs of orbital earrings, and I realized I needed to tap into a very potentially lucrative market. We shall see how it goes. 🙂 

And that is all, for now. 

New Arrivals/Kiln Firing Results

I finally got a spare minute to post how the firing went!
These are what they looked like before…

12 13 14 15 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

And here are the results!

IMG_0045 IMG_0048 IMG_0050 IMG_0060 IMG_0066 IMG_0068 IMG_0071 IMG_0074 IMG_0077 IMG_0080

They’re for sale in the Etsy shop.

These were fired to a soft tack. I’m thrilled the frit held its shape so well!

I’m going to do another batch of these, with the following tweaks:

  • Slightly larger frit for texture
  • Thinner clear cap. The clear I had was super thick, and didn’t fuse into the cap I wanted without requiring a longer/hotter firing, which would kill all the texture I was trying to create with the frit.
  • Slumped bail made from clear glass as opposed to using metal bails, so as not to spoil the composition. 🙂

Up next on the agenda: What to do with all the overfired/fail pieces, and more scrap projects.

New Arrivals

Got more orbital earrings up this weekend, in fabulous Fall/Winter colors! 😀









Here’s a link to their Etsy listings.

What’s in the works this week:

  • More quartz rings
  • A major cleaning out of my studio. It’s a disaster area, like to the point where I can barely function. It’s time to reorganize, get rid of the stuff I don’t use, and make a fresh go of it. ^_^

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