Monsoons and Kiln Firings and Burning Man, Oh My!

So…I keep getting sidetracked. Currently dealing with some family things, and then Burning Man Happened. 😛

Things that have happened so far in the Etsy Store:

  • Major policy overhaul. Clearer, makes much more sense now, and is easier to follow.
  • I’ve fixed and tweaked item descriptions. Etsy’s new layout makes everything so much easier!
  • Slowly but surely putting new inventory up.
  • Also, kiln is firing as I type. :) Blog post and pictures to follow!
  • Also got my AZ tax license and am working on getting my city licenses so I can resume vending at festivals and art walks.

What is not happening this weekend thanks to the rain and other snafus:

  • The finish of the reshooting. I can’t get decent lighting in this weather, but we really, REALLY need the water out here so I’m not going to squawk about it.
  • Also, my old computer that I use for photo editing(has the best color and layout) is not cooperating, so things are at a bit of a standstill until I can either bring the backup computer home from Cali or get a better monitor to hook into the laptop. Also, I can’t print anything. Luckily I can download the printer drivers to the laptop and remedy this, quickly.

I am leaving for California on the 11th, and will be taking store inventory with me so I won’t have to close the shop or delay orders.

And now the sun is coming out, so I might be able to shoot stuff after all. Ah, blogging in real time. :)

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