Okay, this time we’re really back. xD

It took a few months to get back on my feet. In that time I’ve been reshooting literally everything in the Etsy store. It was a bit of a hot mess. xD Also some new inventory up. 

I want to do another kiln firing soon, it’s been awhile. 

Phoenix Public Market is on hold for now. I’ve been going every weekend to get my groceries for the week(can I digress for a minute and say that locally grown produce is not only lighter on the wallet but some of the BEST FOOD I have ever eaten? 😀 ), and I notice that people just go for the food, which is understandable. 🙂 So back to the drawing board I go. 

Shows/festivals I’m looking into: 

Phoenix Pagan Pride

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show(if I can get monies and good materials for it. That may wait another year). 

Gilbert Art Walk

Also…I’ve started making bridesmaid jewelry! I got a huge order for some, based on one of the pairs of orbital earrings, and I realized I needed to tap into a very potentially lucrative market. We shall see how it goes. 🙂 

And that is all, for now. 

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