Fashion Spotlight: Purple

I’m going to start writing a weekly fashion column over at deviantART, focusing on the latest trends/looks and whatnot, while showcasing all the amazing, talented artisans and designers dA has to offer.

I’ve kicked off my column this week with a focus on the color purple! I was inspired by Vogue UK’s article.
See my post here.
See Vogue UK’s article here.


A friend of mine had was unloading for a show this weekend when a box of artwork and assorted books was stolen from her.

A full list of the stolen artwork, complete with photos, is here.

Her deviantART journal with further details is here.

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area please keep an eye out for any of these and contact her immediately if you happen to come across any of it.

Reshoots and such

I’ve been looking through my Etsy stores, and in the DarkFire Designs store I’m looking at photos of some of my inventory and realizing that there are some pieces are in dire need of a reshoot.

The old house was dark, with awkward creamish tan walls that love to ruin the color balance of my photos, and now I have open space with lots of sunny wonderful light I will definitely be taking advantage of!

Expect nice, new, amazing photos to pop in the DarkFire Designs store in the next few weeks. 🙂 I’ll be putting up new inventory too!

New Collection!

I’ve been working with jumprings…again. XD I did some tweaks to an older design and wound up making a new collection of orbital earrings!

These were inspired by chainmaille. I love the dimension of the orbital weave, and so I paired it with glass beads to make some pretty awesome, sparkly earrings. 🙂


There are all for sale in the Etsy shop!

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