Events for the Weekend

Aaaand we are off!

First and foremost is the fact that the sixth annual Celtic Midsummer Faerie Festival is this weekend and I will have a booth, selling fused glass, more clothing, and other oddities. It is at the VFW Hall in Fair Oaks. Its located on Kruithof Way, off of Hazel. A NOTE TO ANYONE ATTENDING THE FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND: CalTrans has decided to close the Hazel Bridge because they are losers, so we were advised to take Highway 50 to Sunrise, hang a right on Sunset, and double back. Its about half a block from Sunset to Kruithof, and while the street sign isn’t visible the VFW sign is, and they will have signs out to direct festival goers. ^_^

Second Saturday is also this weekend, and a friend of mine will be selling her fused glass, along with my jewelry and the work of another friend. If you can’t make the festival head out to 21st and K street. If my memory serves me right its right around The Depot and Badlands. XD

That is all for now. I have been busy gearing up for both events this weekend and its back to work I go. ^_^

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