So after sitting through weeks of enameling(an art form I royally stink at) we finally started glasswork this week in art class! I put together my first pieces this week. While some are choosing to start with the basic sandwich of base glass/dichroic/cap sheet, I dove in full-force and started experimenting like crazy.

These are going to be fired to a soft-tack, which means that they’ll all melt together, but the piece will keep its shapes, just with softer corners.

This will be fired to medium. This will melt into a sort of blob, but will retain some shape.

These will be fired to a hard finish. The layers of glass will melt into one full layers and the dichroic pieces(the shiny foil-like shards) will melt and disperse and look really cool.

This piece has ridged dichroic in it that will melt into horizontal lines across the surface.
I’m not too excited about this one. I figured I’d fire it for grins and giggles. We’ll see what happens.

The foggy spots on the glass are super glue, which is used to hold the pieces of glass together while they get transferred to the kiln. If you work close to the kiln and are very careful you don’t even have to use it, you can just plop the pieces on and fire. The glue will burn off clear with no ash.

On Monday I will post the results.

Wikipedia article on Dichroic Glass –
Coatings by Sandberg(fantastic glass company) glass article –
Shameless plug for my professor’s dichro website –


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